Estrella Jail
Sarah G. Daniels
Inmate # P717574
2939 W Durango St
Phoenix AZ 85009

While grace is always with us in our heart this is where we will post information on how to contact Grace while she is is not with us on the outside. This page will be updated upon her actual sentencing.As new information comes out such as Graces inmate number or case-specific requirements evolve we will put them here so you can find them easily.

Writing to people within our movements while they are behind bars is one of the best ways to support them. It is vital that we remain connected to our friends and help them know they are not forgotten. Please consider writing to our friend Grace while we are waiting for her to join us on the outside.

Also a PDF of considerations for writing to political prisoners can be found here: Writting to Prisoners PDF

The following is a list of Area specific guidelines to assist you in corresponding with Grace they were originally placed on the Arpaio5 blogspot:

This is a link to the jails webpage for guidelines for writing and sending postcards to inmates.



2 Responses to “WRITING TO GRACE”

  1. Travis James said

    Please make this information available concisely as a post:

    Grace’s Inmate Number: P717574

    Address: Estrella Jail 41 House K Pod, 1
    Cell 1 Bed 2

    Visits are Sat – Thurs 8 am to 5:15pm, with the last sign up at 4:45. She is limited to a certain number of visits per week (we are under the impression it is 3). However she can have up to 2 or 3 people at a time.

  2. Travis James said

    the first info is for visiting. use this for writing:

    Estrella Jail
    Sarah G. Daniels
    Inmate # P717574
    2939 W Durango St
    Phoenix AZ 85009

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