Thats right if all goes according to what Grace has heard from the jail she will be released tomorrow. If anything changes we will be sure to give you updates! Please note that there are still two members of the Arpaio 5 still going through the court systems for charges related to last years Jan. 16th anti-arpaio march. please visit the Arpaio 5 support page for more info on their court dates and ways to help. Grace has also asked to extend a very large thank you to everyone that has helped her through this hard time!


Grace has been released for work furlough. She has been moved to a new location.  As of now she will be unable to receive postcards or visits. It was graces request that she be able to attend work furlough. She was originally denied this right but due to a reassertion of her lawyers during sentencing the earlier decision seems to have been overturned. This is good new due to the fact that She may be able to go out for several hours a day for work soon! If anything changes we will be sure to keep you updated!

Grace’s Inmate Number: P717574

Address: Estrella Jail 41 House K Pod, 1
Cell 1 Bed 2

Visits are Sat – Thurs 8 am to 5:15pm, with the last sign up at 4:45. She is limited to a certain number of visits per week (we are under the impression it is 3).
However she can have up to 2 or 3 people at a time.

Thinking of visiting Grace?

Her mother has stated that she would like to visit her every Monday, so be mindful and considerate of that and the other visiting schedule restrictions when planning to visit. i.e. no felons and make sure you have a valid ID. For further restrictions and guidelines see our visiting grace page.

Grace went in for her sentencing hearing on November  surrounded by approximately 40 friends as well as family. She was given the agreed upon 30 days in jail from her plea deal of a class 6 felony for disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon, which starts upon her turning herself in at 5 PM today. After considering her involvement in the community and for social justice, the judge decided to give Grace 18 months supervised probation instead of three years starting today.

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November 24, 2010

Write Grace at the following address, but make SURE and follow the guidelines on the website below (postcards only, no stamps, etc): 

Estrella Jail
Sarah G. Daniels
Inmate # P717574
2939 W Durango St
Phoenix AZ 85009

Please come and show your support for Grace at her court appearance. information:

Monday November 22
8:30 am
201 Jefferson Central Court Building on the 13th floor

If you are considering coming to court please be considerate of the sensitivity of graces case. Please wear what you feel like is appropriate for court.

Any new updates will be posted after they arise.

Welcome to the new Support page for Grace Daniels of the Arpaio5. Grace took a non-cooperating  plea offer of a class 6 felony: disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon (stipulated 30 days in jail). Her probation length will be determined during her sentencing scheduled for November 22nd, which is also the day she goes into custody.

After her court appearance on November 22 we will post more news about her exact sentencing. We encourage you to support Grace before during and after her sentencing. For more background on Graces case and the arpaio5  visit the Arpaio5 support blog.