Thinking of visiting Grace on a Monday?

November 27, 2010

Thinking of visiting Grace?

Her mother has stated that she would like to visit her every Monday, so be mindful and considerate of that and the other visiting schedule restrictions when planning to visit. i.e. no felons and make sure you have a valid ID. For further restrictions and guidelines see our visiting grace page.


One Response to “Thinking of visiting Grace on a Monday?”

  1. vvlea said

    Hi, TY for that consideration. She can have up to 2 persons at a time, and it counts as one visit. Basically she can have 3 one half hour visits per week, and it resets on Sundays. It would be great if whomever visits her, leaves a comment about how she’s doing and such…just a thought.
    Veni (Mom) 🙂

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